Our Company

Aquareal is proud to be the authorized Kinetico dealer for Toronto and the GTA.

Kinetico is the leading supplier of water treatment and purification equipment in Canada, and over 100 other countries. Their products are more efficient and less costly to run and maintain than other systems currently available on the market. Kinetico manufactures its own equipment and provides comprehensive warranties and Full Service guarantees. Kinetico Water Systems can be used in rural and areas with problematic water, as well as areas where your water is supplied by municipally controlled water utilities.

We believe that pure, safe, conditioned water should be available for everyone to enjoy. On our end, the staff at Aquareal promise to go above and beyond to find a tailor-made water purification solution to suit almost any budget that you have. Our experienced service department installs and services water softeners, conditioners, drinking water filters, distillers and a wide variety of other water treatment solutions. Whether you want a whole home water conditioner or a drinking water solution, our water specialists will design and install the system that’s right for you.