Water Filtering in Toronto

If you want the very best for you and your family, in terms of health, a whole home water filter should definitely be on top of your list.

Your tap water may look clean and healthy, but there are many tasteless and odorless contaminants inhabiting it that can affect the body, especially those of young children, the elderly and anyone with a weaker immune system. The contamination of groundwater can be caused by a community dumping ground, insecticides used in agricultural activities, hazardous waste or leakage from below ground storage tanks. Even the municipality’s water treatment plant, through its methods and the chemicals used, puts unwanted byproducts, like chlorine or bromate, into our water. From the decades old piping system, used to transport it, we can even find elements of iron in the tap water we drink.

The contaminants most likely to be found in your tap water are as follows:

  • Chlorine, normally used as a disinfectant by water treatment plants. Ingested in large quantities, this ever present added ingredient can trigger chronic stomach upset as well as nose and eye irritation. As a side note, chlorine gas is toxic and was used as a chemical weapon during WW1.
  • Inorganic chemicals, such as arsenic, asbestos, fluoride, mercury, lead or nitrates. Each one of these chemicals is potentially detrimental to your health and can cause severe problems.
  • Microorganisms that survive the water treatment procedures, like Giardia or Cryptosporidium, are responsible for severe stomach upset and, in some cases, even Legionnaire’s disease caused by Legionella pneumophila.

Whole house water filters are the only way to make sure you and your loved ones are no longer going to ingest these contaminants. They are designed to solve any type of water issue, including cloudy water, rotten egg smell or rust.

As an authorized Kinetico equipment dealer for the Greater Toronto Area, Aquareal supplies its customers with the most efficient home water filtration systems available on the Canadian market. Our purification solutions are guaranteed to make your water as clean and pristine as can be.

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