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Your first step towards healthy water begins with a visit to Aquareal.

We carry metered reverse osmosis systems, non-electric water conditioners, and a wide array of products that will suit the needs of your home and area. You will also find a diverse supply of filters, accessories, and other water products for your convenience.

Our uniquely designed self-serve water stations allow you to see the purification process while you fill up your containers. The exclusive Aquareal nine-stage filtration process produces water almost as pure as distilled water, but at a substantially lower cost.

First, your bottles are sanitized through a special ozone cleansing process. Total water quality is assured through multi-level monitoring and processing, including TDS testing, ozone treatment, ultraviolet exposure, post-filtration, and sanitization. Every drop of water is guaranteed to be at it’s purest form and state; you can even taste the different with every cup of water you drink.

Come in for a visit and try a sample of pure, clean and conditioned water. Starting from $1.00 per gallon, you’ll save money while you enjoy great tasting water and say good-bye to plastic bottles.

Aquareal store exterior

Aquareal Store Interior
Aquareal Store Interior
Aquareal Store Interior